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DCC is always looking for experienced China legal, accounting, financial, HR or management consulting professionals that would like to explore working for a smaller firm.


We're hiring!

If you are looking for more work-life balance, would like to do free-lancing or are keen to develop your entrepreneurial skills, then there may be a good fit with us and we would be delighted to hear from you.

DCC is also interested to hear from other consulting businesses that are seeking cooperation partners.

  • proven track record in financial or investment management, sales and supply chain, or business development and strategy

  • outstanding academics and 5+ years’ work experience


Co-operation partners 


Join our network of European, Chinese and other partners and grow new business.

If you want to discuss referrals, commissions, etc., please do get in touch below.

Advisors & Freelancers


Help our clients and company grow whilst working with people from every team within our business

If you want to get in contact for this position, please do get in touch below.

Interested in joining us? Lets talk

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