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China Service Desk

A typical ‘China Desk’ emphasizes deep professional expertise and quality. At DCC we focus more on workable business solutions. Our China Service Desk is a platform that provides effective long term business execution. And it’s done with professional know-how and responsibility. 

Why insource a DCC executive, or an entire team?


To get up and running

Dealing with lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, head hunters, etc., can be expensive and overwhelming. They seldomly provide answers to the big picture questions. But you still need expert financial, legal and other critical management advice early on, at acceptable cost and coherent with your overall direction.


DCC Solution: early on get an experienced China business leader that speaks and thinks like you and who can manage “at least 70%” of all critical functions. 


The right expertise and commitment

There simply aren’t enough good law firms, accounting firms, financial and strategy consulting firms in China. Lack of entrepreneurial thinking and insufficient ‘talking time’ can be issues with such specialists. An experienced China general manager can cost more than EUR 300,000 per year but may lack knowledge in legal, accounting, tax, digital business or other specialist areas.


DCC’s hybrid solution: a single platform with seasoned China managers and expert consultants. You just focus on your core competences.


To get the right people

You lack suitable people in your own organization to second to China. You might hesitate about local hiring in the early phase of your project or when you must manage turn-around. Beyond language barriers any China project still needs to bridge culture.


A clear understanding of a company’s culture or DNA is critical for anything from hiring decisions to financial discipline: the people at DCC include top executives, professional specialists, entrepreneurs and advisors. We served more than 100 ‘Mittelstand’ companies in China in 20 years. 

How it works

We assess your situation and design with you a business solution.


Where DCC can deliver such solution better than traditional service providers or you doing it on your own, we will package for you a team of DCC managers with specific assignments. That would be your customized China Service Desk. Fees and deliverables would be based on a minimum 2 year term


DCC managers are trained consultants but act as your trusted manager that gets the job done.

Business Conference

Your challenge

You need to set up an office for sales or business development in China. The product or distribution side of the business will be taken care by a hired full-time sales manager. Due to your budget it would be too costly to hire a financial manager or a law firm to cover financial and legal work. However, you need strong supervision of the sales manager given the different sales culture and operating environment in China.

The Solution from China Service Desk

We will provide to you the Legal Representative (Legal-Rep) as an interim-management position in your China business for a few years. The Legal-Rep would be assisted by a DCC finance team. Since the Legal-Rep position incurs highest - and sometimes quasi personal - responsibility, all legal document drafting and checking, all financial controlling and control over treasury and cash is assigned to DCC. Typically accounting, HR, admin and tax reporting is also included in this solution.


Busy Street

Your challenge

You need to set up an office in China for distribution or business development for your products in China. Your local China distributor is strong in closing deals, but weak in technical know-how and after sales service. They are also not very interested in any planning, reporting or marketing. Their management style is network-driven, flexible and fast. Solutions are often achieved through short cuts. They are less driven by strategy, process and standards. Documentation is weak and there are compliance issues. 

The Solution from China Service Desk

DCC would develop together with you a support structure which mitigates the weaknesses of your local China distributor and implements and oversees business functions and processes to uphold the quality of service, ensure brand reputation and asset/IP security, avoid legal risks and to achieve financial goals.
Solutions could include DCC operating a small Service Center in China which performs after-sales, with spare parts, simple engineering and assembly capability, assisted with a strong operational manager who can integrate quickly and effectively into your organization. Sourcing, financial and legal support can be included as needed.



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